Juicing programs are not only very healthy, but are also very easy to keep up. Especially within the business industry, a lot of people are interested in our special designed juicing program. Hard working people are often very busy, which results in ignoring their hunger and skip many food opportunities on a regular working day. They don’t seem to notice the importance of a regular meal and don’t see any harm in skipping lunch. However, your body needs its fuel and if you would like to stay focused during the day, eating is the only solution. Unseen Radiance understands that a lot of people would rather skip a meal in order to continue their activity or working task. This is why our juicing program would be a great fit for all the busy people within the industry!

The juicing program for businesses is a 4 week program which will contain many different and healing juices. By only drinking healthy juices during the day, you will get the right amount of vitamins, energy and nutritions. The juicing program which is designed for employees includes 4 juices a day. We have created the juices with the perfect amount of nutritions, so that you will not experience the feeling of hunger. This program has been developed a year ago, but the interest for this type of juicing is now finally starting. By visiting many offices and working environments, we would like to present and introduce all the possibilities of the Unseen Radiance juicing program. More and more companies seemed to be interested in our program, which is great news for us.

Recently, the development team who are responsible for the Spinata Grande slot machine just started with the program as well. The Spinata Grande team is a small department of a big software developer we all know of. This team is the first department that has started with the program and if they are positive about our product, more departments will follow. The Spinata Grande team are always working day and night in order to develop new innovations. A few employees admitted that they often forget to eat on working days, especially while working over time. This is why the software development company decided to invest in their employees by choosing a juicing program. The Spinata Grande team are currently in their second week and we already received a lot of positive feedback.

The most positive feedback that we received was about the way they were able to eat at their desk. The team is happy with the idea that they don’t have to leave their working spot anymore and that they don’t need to invest their time in cooking. Unseen Radiance will soon start the juicing program together with the design company Fix Design, who are already excited. If the juicing program with the Spinata Grande team will work out in a positive way, we can soon start working with the other departments of the software development company. Hopefully more companies will see the relevance of a healthy team.